Updating exterior siding enhances the overall aesthetic of any building. That is why many of our South Carolina friends and neighbors come to us looking for a way to dramatically transform the appearance of their property. But, Allstate Seamless Gutter LLC understands siding must do more than simply look beautiful. Improperly installed and maintained siding allows mold and moisture to infiltrate the spaces beneath the exterior surface.

Signs Your Exterior Siding Isn't Protecting Your Assets

The South Carolina region is known for its hot, muggy summers. These conditions create the perfect environment for mold, mildew and unwanted pests to thrive unseen. We suggest you look for visible signs that your aging exterior siding needs repair or replacement. Look for:

  • Missing, loose or rusty nails. Properly installed siding will respond to normal expansion and contraction as temperatures rise and fall without unseating the nails. Missing nails also mean your panels are not secured. Not only will driving rain find its way behind the surface, but a high wind could rip the panel completely off your home or office.
  • Unsightly seams and missing caulk. Seams should be almost invisible. If you find sections where joins have pulled apart or caulk is missing, it's time for a professional inspection.
  • Signs of pests and rodents. Although Hardie Plank and vinyl don't attract termites, wood siding acts like a magnet for these unwanted visitors. Look for holes and other damage that signal something is chewing on your existing siding.
These are just three visible clues your siding is ready for repair or replacement. Finding an experienced, reputable company to help restore your property to peak performance is essential for protecting your investment.

Quality Residential Siding

Quality Residential Siding

Our commitment to providing the highest quality products is the reason that we offer a wide selection of siding options that increase the beauty, value, safety and durability of your home. Our James Hardie siding allows you to enjoy the low maintenance that comes with baked-on color, and feel safe knowing that our siding products are resistant to anything that Mother Nature can throw at them. Our team will make sure that you find the siding that fits your specific needs to get the look you want, from color selection to material finishes.

Choose Allstate Seamless Gutter LLC for Superior Craftsmanship

Our Motto is Traditional Craftsmanship -- Modern Style. This means that even though we never skimp on quality or try to save a few dollars by allowing inexperienced technicians to install your new siding, we offer budget-friendly pricing that is usually less expensive than other South Carolina regional dealers.

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Allstate Seamless Gutter LLC have been serving those in and around the Columbia, Charleston, Greenville South Carolina area since 2001. Customers rely on their high-quality siding, affordable pricing and superior customer service. Contact a friendly Allstate Seamless Gutter LLC associate at (803) 904-5814 for a free estimate today or schedule a consultation to discuss siding solutions for your property.